To all members of the community, if you haven't already received a personal copy of the letter below we urge you to read and if possible, attend the Development Control Committee Meeting due to sit at 6pm on Wednesday 27 March

And remember to register your interest if you wish to take advantage of your 'Right to Speak'. Requests for this must be made formally before 5.30pm on Wednesday 20 March - details for how to do this are on the letter.

Please don't hesitate to contact BDAG at should you have any questions


Hello from the BDAG committee

Since last summer, we have arranged several successful and well-attended public meetings where several hundred of you, the local residents came together at Bushmead Community Centre for updates, to share your thoughts and views and to hear the Action Plans from the Committee.

We were all aware that the timing of the initial application was across the summer holidays when schools and colleges in the area were closed and many people were away on vacation - and so anyone looking at the area would not have seen a true picture of how the local roads including the A6, Barnfield Avenue, Old Bedford Road and Kingsdown Road are already at peak usage during ‘rush hour’ times.

Everyone was reminded of the deadline date for objections to be received to LBC and BDAG was delighted to report that on 19 September, we received this notification from Luton Borough Council Planning Department: "We received a formal request yesterday for this application to be withdrawn. It is currently going through the correct procedures to carry this request out."


Not only the number of responses received from you, the residents, but also their quality definitely resulted in this win ... you should each be very proud but the fight goes on!

More recently, on 19 December, BDAG received notification from David Gauntlett, Major Projects Planner - Development Control, Environment & Regeneration at Luton Borough Council that a planning application has been received for the "Erection of a new Creative Industries Building and two substations with associated parking and landscaping following demolition of existing substation" on the Barnfield College site (New Bedford Road).

The documents accompanying the application are available to view on the Council's Public Access System using the Case Reference12/01345/FUL and can be viewed by clicking on this link and then by going to the 'Associated Documents' tab.

Dependent on where residents live in relation to Barnfield, some of you may have directly received a letter in the post, however, it is worth noting that the Council does not automatically contact everyone adjoining the site (for example, those located in the vicinity but a distance from the area of development) and so please take some time to view all documents on the above link. In addition, the Council have assured us that they do display some site notices in the surrounding areas and a press notice in local papers.

Should you wish to make any representations to the application then you can do so one of three ways:

  1. Write into the Development Control Manager (Planning Division, 2nd Floor, Town Hall, Luton LU1 2BQ)
  2. Electronically via the facility on the Public Access System - BDAG hopes that the Council has ensured this method is now working
  3. Or by email to

**Please note that the consultation period runs until 14th January 2013**

In BDAG's opinion, this latest application is the first of what will be a series of staged applications and we have again requested an extension due to this falling over the seasonal holidays but no reply has as yet been received

Once you have had an opportunity to view the plans and should you wish to discuss these proposals with BDAG, please do not hesitate to contact us at

For your information, BDAG has asked the Planning Department whether the actual applicant has supplied LBC with the following information:

Current and proposed College populations

The relevant elements that need to be identified are:

  • Full time staff on a contract
  • Part time staff on a contract
  • Support staff
  • Visiting lecturers
  • Other visitors - including external users of restaurant, hairdressing and other facilities on site
  • Full time students
  • Part time students
  • Contractors regularly on site

Current and proposed travel modes of the above populations

The College ought to be able to identify the numbers from above to show how they all access the College by at least one of the following ways:

  • Car
  • Taxi/ Private Hire Car
  • Bus
  • Cycle
  • Walk

Armed with the above information both LBC and BDAG should then be in a more informed position to judge whether any additional traffic generated by a new complex of College buildings onto Barnfield Avenue/New Bedford Road/Old Bedford Road etc., would be acceptable or not.

BDAG is aware that the owners of Barnfield College want to see growth but this must not be at any cost as apart from survey information that the College should have, presumably an approximate assessment of increased College population should also be available, especially from the Fire Regulation figures for the maximum number of people that can use both the current and proposed buildings?

BDAG has requested an early response to this so that the information can be reviewed by all parties.

Barnfield Playing Fields Development

The key on-going issues and concerns are:

  • Increased traffic congestion
  • Loss of green space for sports and community use
  • Road safety concerns
  • Loss of local amenities
  • Adverse impact upon Luton Town Centre
  • Development out of character with the area
  • Adverse impact upon public transport including access to local rail stations
  • Adverse impact upon emergency vehicle access to the area
  • Intrusive light pollution and increased environmental pollution

BDAG - call out for new committee members!

It's a New Year and BDAG are looking for new committee members to join us to continue the fight with Barnfield Federation to stop the development of our playing fields
Come and join us if you're enthusiastic, a good communicator and can definitely donate some of your time and energy - don't be shy, please come and join us!
The current committee members have a great mix of skills including town planning, law, marketing & PR, administration and education ... and so everyone is welcome
Please contact us NOW at

We also need your continued support and input in relation to the day-to-day use of Barnfield playing fields and the surrounding roads, especially when there's some sort of activity happening there .... maybe football, running, etc., and if you have a camera or camera phone with you, please will take a shot or several - and send them to us at together with details of the date and time as we're putting together a 'log' to create a record of the continuing usage of the fields

As we may not have your email address, please feel free to send us a note so that we can keep you informed and please forward this request to your neighbours, friends and family members (especially your children) so that we get the message to everyone

Many thanks and we look forward to seeing your photos as soon as possible

On behalf of BDAG Committee